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Meet Lenise Rose

"Are you ready to begin your holistic wealth building journey? 

I'm ready to help you."

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Background & Education


Lenise Rose earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology in 1995 and her Masters in Community Health Services and Counseling in 1999.  


Certificates and Licenses

Ordained Minister 2006-2009, Detroit, MI

Christain Education Director 2007-2009

Armor-Bearer Ministry Leader 2006-2009

Credit Educator 2016-Present

Licensed Financial Strategist 2020-Present

Most Valuable Player Award 2020 & 2021

Team Impact Award 2021



Lenise Rose helps individuals from all different walks of life achieve financial wellness and create a path toward building holistic wealth.  She specializes in helping social service professionals maximize the value of their skills and talents and become social entrepreneurs.

Who I Help

Individuals from all walks of life who want to stop struggling with money and build wealth.

How I Do It

By getting to know you and helping you fully identify and strengthen your relationship with money so that you can establish and follow a healthy plan to build wealth.

What's In It for You

Meaningful insight leading you to make wise choices with money. Peace of mind. New opportunities to build wealth and help others do the same.

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