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Your financial prosperity starts with a healthy money mindset.

How you can build your holistic wealth

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Holistic wealth begins with transparency with yourself. As a whole person, all parts of you are intimately connected.  Your money perception, financial goals, skills and talents, personal values, and daily choices create the foundation for your financial wellness and your ability to build holistic wealth.  

Lenise Rose is gifted in her ability to help individuals, couples and families look within, discover the actions needed, and get started building a foundation for wealth. 

Who are Lenise Rose's clients?

  • Individuals who want to stop struggling financially, build wealth, and access career opportunities.

  • Individuals who are interested in holistic wealth building, recognize they have money blocks and want to remove them. 

  • Individuals who care deeply about social conditions and believe that wealth building is essential to their ability to have a positive impact and create sustainable change.

  • Individuals who have worked in the social service field, care deeply about social conditions and are looking for a different way to have a positive impact while taking care of themselves and their families.

  • Individuals who are interested in working in the financial field and want to build wealth.

  • Any combination of the above descriptions.





"After serving more than 25 years in Social Services working with abused and neglected children and families, in addition to juveniles and community development, I felt completely burned out.  One day, I realized I was done dealing with constant limitations, unable to directly address disturbing social issues. I found myself thinking a great deal about wealth; how to build it and why to build it.


Soon after, I learned about becoming a social entrepreneur and decided to change careers. I knew that I was ready to face my perceptions of money, address my financial wellness and start building holistic wealth. 

Since leaving the social service field, I have worked hard to establish deep life-changing wealth-building connections with a series of reputable financial service providers. I am part of a strong inclusive spiritual community, and have excellent working relationships with several business developers.  We all share a common goal and are determined to do our part in creating an equitable world where everyone has the opportunity to experience the best that life has to offer. 

Are you ready to begin your holistic wealth building journey?  I'm ready to help you."

Wellness, Wealth, Impact

Check out the three ways you can create WELLNESS, WEALTH and IMPACT with Lenise Rose as your coach, consultant, trainer or mentor. 

Build Financial WELLNESS

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Create Holistic WEALTH

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Have an IMPACT
as a Social Entrepreneur

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Client Testimonies

"Lenise honestly got my business because she was a Black woman talking finance. She felt comfortable and familiar. 

She keeps my business because she knows what I'm doing. In just the last year I've built more wealth for my family than we've managed to do in the past three generations combined. She considers where you are now and where you want to be tomorrow. I highly recommend her services."   - Ellen Age 35, Metro Atlanta, GA

Contact Lenise Rose and start building your foundation for wealth today

Homebase: Metro-Detroit, Michigan - Serving Clients Nationwide


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